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Tyler Czajkowski (pronounced chy-KOFF-skee) is a Los Angeles-based writer/director with a passion for telling stories that thrill, inspire, and empower. He began making films at a young age while growing up in Maryland. After receiving his film degree from Temple University in Philadelphia, Tyler moved to Los Angeles to develop his craft of filmmaking full-time.


His two short horror films, Box Fort and Disguise, have collectively amassed over 10 million views on YouTube. Both films were produced with minuscule budgets and crew. Disguise received the most views out of any short horror film released on YouTube in 2023. Tyler is currently developing the stories for several high-concept horror feature films.

Favoring realistic perspective over spectacle, Tyler strives to put an emphasis on creating a distinct feeling for the audience through his filmmaking. His stylistic choices are made with the intention of establishing an engaging perspective that puts the viewers in the middle of a story that feels real and allows suspense to be conjured out of their own imaginations.

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